Minimally Invasive Weight Loss Surgery Using Laparoscopic Surgery

Many different general surgeries have been performed using keyhole, or laparoscopic, procedures over the past decade. There is a persistent mistaken belief that these techniques remain experimental. In actual fact, in some areas of surgery, the predominant technique is now laparoscopy, and for the past several years it has routinely been used in weight loss surgery. Laparoscopic weight loss surgeries are performed by many bariatric surgeons in Australia.

A small video camera is inserted into the abdomen during an operation using laparoscopic methods. Using a separate video monitor, the procedure is viewed by the surgeon. Surgeons like this method because they believe that they get better access and visualization of important structures of the anatomy.

Making The Laparoscopic Bariatric Surgery Incisions

The surgical instruments and the camera are inserted through the abdominal wall via a tiny incision. It replaces the need for a large incision to open up the abdominal cavity which is why it is considered to be less invasive. When compared to more traditional surgeries, there is less pain and a faster recover, which is a major advantage of laparoscopic surgery.

The procedures used today for laporoscopic weight loss surgery use a approach that is minimally invasive, but rely on the same principles as their more open counterparts. Just as all surgeons are not trained to perform bariatric surgery using this less invasive method, not everyone will be a good candidate for this method. Visit Find a Surgeon if you want to find an area bariatric surgeon.