Over-the-counter & Prescription Weight Loss Medications

There are a number of approved over-the-counter (OTC) and prescription-only weight loss drugs available.

You should ask your doctor if the determine if these medications are appropriate for you and whether they will be effective as part of a weight loss program.

What Medication Is Available For Obesity?

Synthetic medication can be beneficial for some individuals diagnosed with obesity, particularly during the initial stage of the treatment plan. The most common medication prescribed by general practitioners is known as orlistat or Xenical. This medication focuses primarily on weight loss and maintenance of body sugar levels. Another popular pharmaceutical is topiramate, a tablet used for epilepsy as well. Topiramate focuses primarily on weight loss.

What To Consider When Using Medication For Obesity?

While the majority of obesity-related prescribed medication can be effective in treating the disorder, there are various factors that must be considered before use. The first factor to consider is your own medical history and the different health conditions that you have or may be susceptible to. It is also important to determine whether or you are taking any other medication at the same time as many drugs can interact with each other and can sometimes cause additional problems. A combination of certain medications can cause side effects and may enhance the problem instead of treating the problem.