The Gastric Sleeve

If you are researching options for gastric weight loss surgery, you will surely hear about the sleeve gastrectomy. This is a procedure that works to restrict the amount of food that the patient is able to eat after reducing the stomach size. For this procedure, a vertical, thin sleeve of the stomach is made using a surgical stabling device through keyhole surgery. The sleeve is made to hold anywhere between 50 and 150 milliliters of food, which is about the size of a regular banana. The rest of the stomach is then removed and the newly created sleeve is only able to take on a tenth of the food that the stomach was able to hold prior to surgery.

This is a restriction that will lessen the food intake so that you will be fuller faster. As you begin to eat less and less food, your body will then stop storing the excess calories and it will start to use up the fat stores to create energy. Just as with the gastric banding procedure, there can be some health problems that will make a person a viable candidate. These problems include high blood pressure, back pain, diabetes, sleep apnea and depression, all of which can and should improve or even resolve after surgery.

AdvantagesVertical Sleeve Gastrectomy

  • Cuts down on the amount of food able to be eaten at each meal
  • Food makes its way through the digestive tract in the regular manner, allowing the nutrients and vitamins to be absorbed as they should be through the body
  • There are no adjustments required after the surgery
  • During clinical studies, most patients go on to lose an average of 55% or more of their excess weight.

Talk with your doctor or a medical specialist about whether or not you make a good candidate for the surgery. From there, you can either get a referral or find a bariatric surgeon to do the job and a support group to meet with. Talk with a surgeon in your area to see if there are any seminars offered along with information on the process. It is also a great idea to talk with other patients who have had the same surgery or are also considering it.

Overall, you will be able to find a wealth of information from a qualified and experienced bariatric surgeon.