The Importance of a Support Group Following Your Weight Loss Surgery

Following weight loss surgery, you must make lasting changes to your lifestyle. These changes include increased physical activity and dietary restrictions. Surrounding yourself with people who understand and support your journey is essential to long-term success.

You should surround yourself with loving and supportive people – talk with your friends and family and explain why you have chosen to undergo weight loss surgery. Most people do not realise that weight loss surgery has been helping patients lose weight and become healthy for more than 40 years now. To help them better understand how much thought you have put into the decision and how important it is for you to lose weight, send them to this website. This website will help them understand the seriousness of morbid obesity, a chronic and intrusive disease that unfortunately affects many Australians. Dieting does not work for everyone and you are doing everything you can to not only lose weight but also to protect your health and increase your lifespan.

Often, the people closest to you are the ones that are most likely to discourage your weight loss efforts. Those closest to you view your weigh as your identity. Spouses may fear that you losing weight may change your relationship, your personality and more. To help them better understand the necessity of this procedure, talk to them about how the excess weight is affecting your health and that you really need their support while you are on this weight loss journey.

A weight loss support group can help improve the odds of successfully losing the weight you need to lose. There are both online weight loss support groups as well as local weight loss support groups. Your surgeon can give you the information about local weight loss support groups as well as some of the better online groups. Surrounding yourself with people who are going through weight loss will not only give you support, but they will also make you more accountable to your weight loss efforts. The supportive environment allows you to ask questions and receive honest answers. You may also find recipes and tips to help you get in shape. Knowing you are not alone on this journey is an important part of your weight loss. With a support group, you will no longer feel ostracised, you will feel empowered.